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وهبه للمحاماة

Wahba Law Firm

and Legal Advice 

Counselor Mohamed Hussein Wahba

Wahba Law Firm and Legal Consultations Co.
Counselor Mohamed Hussein Wahba
(lawyer before the court of cassation)

We offer effective, fast and safe legal services for more than 32 years. Our services include all commercial, criminal, civil and international legal transactions. We also represent our clients in various legal fields and provide them with advice related to their various businesses in Egypt abroad. 

Courtroom Chairs

Counselor Mohamed Hussein Wahba
Wahba Law Firm and Legal Consultations Co. 

  • We strive to provide services and solutions that serve our customers through a good team and in the fastest time. 

  • Wahba Law Firm was established in January 1992 AD by Mr. Mohamed Hussein Wahba, who holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in public law from the city of Alexandria. 

  • In 2019, the institution was changed to Wahba Law Firm and Legal Consultations, which is considered one of the first legal institutions in the Arab Republic of Egypt and was registered under No. 33 in the register of companies of the Egyptian Bar Association. 

  • The company handles all types of cases, whether for individuals or multinational institutions. The company dedicates its diverse experience in all legal fields for the benefit of its clients. 

  • It provides its services in various legal fields through our offices in Alexandria or Cairo and assists our clients in dealing with all that is legal. The company includes experienced legal and financial advisors who have the ability to deal with various types of issues that aim primarily in the interest of our clients 

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