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وهبه للمحاماة

Our Services

Compensation issues

قضايا التعويضات

Compensation cases are diverse, and the work team has the experience and ability that enables them to deal with all compensation issues, whether for individuals or companies, in order to achieve the required justice for our clients. 

Dispute issues

قضايا المنازعات 

What distinguishes the commercial dispute cases team is its full understanding of the issues and finding alternatives to the institution's dispute resolution. The most important thing for us is that the work team gains the trust of our clients and make sure that the work team will work to achieve results that are in line with the requirements of our customers. 

Judicial Sequestration

الحراسة القضائية 

Custody is one of the most important means formulated in order to preserve disputed money between partners about the ownership or management of money. The loss of this money is due to these disputes, and therefore the judicial sequestration aims to preserve and manage the property until the dispute is resolved. 

Cyber-Extortion, the Internet, prohibition and defamation cases 

قضايا الابتزاز الإلكتروني

The Arab Republic of Egypt was a leader in establishing courts specialized in Cyber-Extortion, the Internet, prohibition and defamation cases, and the exploitation of personal information of individuals to defame reputation for that reason we paid attention to these cases in order to preserve the rights of our clients. 

Intellectual property rights cases

قضايا حقوق الملكية الفكرية 

Establishing companies and drafting contracts

The Foundation registers trademarks of companies in Egypt as well as registers patents. We also register industrial and commercial models, plant varieties, and domain. We have good experience in protecting the intellectual property rights of companies and individuals. 

The companies stipulated in the Egyptian law vary to include the following: 

  • Joint-stock company 

  • Partnership commendams 

  • Limited liability companies 

  • Joint- stock company 

  • A joint liability company 

If you want to establish a company, our office is honored to serve you through a group of lawyers specialized in establishing various commercial companies through the General Authority for Investment in Egypt, in addition to providing you with the necessary advice in order to  choose the appropriate company type and the activity. The office drafts and prepares legal agreements required for establishing companies, memorandums of understanding and contracts management that regulate the relationship between partners. 

القضايا الجنائية

Criminal cases 

Criminal cases and laws are complex and require special skills, in addition to the performance of a lawyer. The lawyer also needs to be aware of all the laws that may affect the case in general. 

No matter how complex the case, our lawyers have the ability to handle all types of cases with high professionalism. 

القضايا المدنية

Civil cases 

Civil law cases are the most common, and most of them affect the laws of ownership, usufruct, or use and their limits and their transfer from one person to another, and they are complex issues and there is no limit to them. 

Family cases 

All cases of birth, death, marriage, divorce, proof of parentage, inheritance, estate distribution, gift, guardianship and separation, most of which are in accordance with Islamic law as a primary source of legislation alongside the laws of non-Muslims in Egypt in addition to the civil rights of citizens and non-citizens in Egypt and the courts of personal status, family and marriage of foreigners. 

قضايا الأسرة

Commercial Law 

Due to the tremendous development in Egypt of roads and internal transportation that reflects progress in the field of transportation, we provide all legal services to our clients in this field such as: road accidents, theft of goods and containers, breaking seals, cargo claims, documentation, breach of contracts and insurance. 

The Foundation also provides legal advice and guidance for all land, sea and air commercial activities, bills of lading and insurance through the success partners of this well-established institution. 

Law of work and workers 

Regarding labor and labor law, Wahba Law Firm provides solutions and advice to clients through labor and employment regulations. We take a comprehensive and preventive approach to labor and employment law in order to minimize liability and enable our clients to maintain an efficient work environment. 

Labor law covers the following: 

  • General advice and consultations 

  • Functional litigation and alternative dispute resolution 

  • Traditional employment law 

  • Drafting employment contracts 

  • Dealing with cases of disagreement that may arise, regarding work agreements between the employer and the employees. 

Other services include client assessments to ensure compliance with labor law, business immigration and international labor law. 

القانون التجاري

Maritime Law 

We are consultants specialize in international shipping. Our good experience and credibility enabled us to represent many protection and compensation associations in the Egyptian ports and the legal advisor to many shipping companies in Egypt. We have sufficient knowledge of how the market works from the perspective of protection and compensation, insurance companies, ship owners, charterers, service providers, freight forwarders, and freight. 

قانون العمل والعمال 
القانون البحري
تأسيس جميع أنواع الشركات

Real estate and construction consultancy 

Our organization focuses on individuals and companies that own or want to own, buy, sell, lease, develop and finance real estate. 

We engage our clients in real estate transactions and developments including: industrial, commercial and residential real estate. 

We have sound experience in directing and tracking real estate development projects from site selection and land use approval through development, construction, financing, refinancing, leasing and sales. 

Our organization understands the needs of our real estate clients and offers a practical approach to solve their problems. Our real estate services include: 

  • Legislative and regulatory cases 

  • Establishing and licensing real estate companies 

  • Financing and securities 

  • Real estate investment funds 

  • Land acquisition and development, including joint ventures, hotels, entertainment, development and management. 

الاستشارات العقارية والإنشائية

Preparing and reviewing civil and legal contracts 

We have a specialized team for preparing, drafting and reviewing all types of legal contracts with the option of translating them into foreign languages and vice versa through accredited translation offices in Egypt and abroad. 

  • Compensation issues 

  • Dispute issues 

  • Judicial sequestration 

  • Cyber-Extortion, the Internet, prohibition and defamation cases 

  • Intellectual property rights cases 

  • Establishing all types of companies, drafting contracts, and holding ordinary and extraordinary general assemblies. 

إعداد ومراجعة العقود المدنية والشرعية
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